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Removing Stains





Step 1

Step 1: Apply the stain remover to a clean dry cloth

Before removing stains, investigate what the stain is and where it came from. If you have a large stain that is growing mold or mildew, then you may have a larger issue at hand with your area that should be addressed first.

If you do find that the stain contains mold/mildew, clean it with a cleaning solution first or follow along with our Removing Mildew guide. If the stain is just from normal wear, clean it with warm water and a mild detergent mix..


Step 2

Step 2: Seal all the stained areas with white pigmented shellac or a stain blocker

For heavy stains, a pigmented primer may be necessary. Multipurpose water-based primers have stainblockers for light stains and will help cover them. For heavier stains a shellac-based primer may be necessary to cover the stain and stop it from bleeding through your topcoat.

Once dry, paint over the area with your paint of choice.