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Removing Wallpaper

If you're going to remove wallpaper, you'll encounter one of two kinds. Newer vinyl wallpaper is called "strippable," and it's designed so you can peel it off a wall easily. Find a loose corner and pull it. If it comes off easily, you're in luck. Older wallpaper clings like crazy – to remove it you'll need a solution that penetrates the paper and softens the adhesive underneath. You probably won't get all the glue the first time, either. You'll need to go back and remove a few patches here and there, soaking each spot with some remover solution to soften it up.






Step 1

Step 1: Peel old wallpaper Find a loose edge of wallpaper and give it a tug. Vinyl wallpaper usually peels away easily, but you may need a little help from a wallboard knife.

Step 2

Step 2: Apply wall paper remover If the wallpaper won't strip by hand, cover the floor with layers of newspaper or a dropcloth. Add wallpaper remover to some hot water as directed by the manufacturer.

Step 3

Pierce the surface of the wallpaper Pierce the surface of the wallpaper with a perforation tool. This allows the remover solution to get in behind the paper and soften up the adhesive.

Step 4

Use a sprayer to apply remover solution You can use a sprayer, a paint roller or a sponge to apply the remover solution. Let the solution soak into the wallpaper according to the manufacturer's directions. Do not rush the removal process. Allow the chemical remover to take effect.

Step 5

Peel the wallpaper Once you've loosened the wallpaper, peel it away with a 6-inch wallboard knife. Be careful not to damage the plaster or wallboard. Completely remove all of the backing paper

Step 6

Rinse the adhesive residue Rinse the adhesive residue from the wall with remover solution. Then rinse the entire wall with clear water, and let everything dry completely