Interior Doors


Interior Door Buying Guide: Style 

Interior doors

Interior doors are integral to your home. They add beauty and architectural interest, and they are crucial for preserving privacy and cutting down on noise. Interior doors come in a wide variety of styles, which makes it easy to match or complement your home's décor.


Panel door

Panel Doors


Panel doors contain patterns of square or oblong panels and are a classic choice. A door may contain two large panels, six small ones or some other configuration. Choose panels with straight or curved tops to suit your decorating needs.

Flush Door

Flush Doors


Flush doors are smooth on both sides and offer contemporary style.

Bifold Door

Bifold Doors


Bifold doors are a good option for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, storage rooms and other smaller spaces in your home. Choose bifold doors that fold back to one side of the opening, or bifold doors that fold back to both sides of the opening.

Decorative Door

Decorative Doors


Brighten up a youngster's room with playful doors decorated with cartoon characters or sports figures. These doors are perfect for completing a room's theme. For grown-ups, doors that depict scenes from nature and art are a popular choice.

French Doors

French Doors


Gorgeous French doors brighten any room. They come in a variety of sizes, wood types, styles and glass pane configurations.

Sliding doors

Sliding Doors


Wooden or mirrored sliding doors are a good choice for closets. They use space economically, and mirrored doors do double duty. Large mirrors also make a room appear more spacious.

Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors


Swinging hinged doors can add easy flow from room to room while maintaining privacy.

Interior Door Buying Guide: Construction & Materials

Constuction & materials for interior doors
Standard interior doors aren't all alike. Panel doors and flush doors are constructed in one of three ways: of solid wood, with a solid core or with a hollow core.
Solid wood doors

Solid Wood Doors


         • Warm look and beautiful grain patterns add richness and depth to a home's interior
         • Available in a wide variety of wood species to complement any décor
         • Good for shutting out noise
         • Can be stained and finished

Solid core doors

Solid Core Doors


         • Offer the appearance and durability of solid wood at a more affordable price
         • Engineered with a solid wood fiber core for a heavy feel that's closer to that of a 
           solid wood door
         • Available with smooth or textured finishes, including a wood-grain surface that 
           mimics the appearance and feel of a solid wood door
         • Muffle sound better than hollow-core doors

Hollow core doors

Hollow Core Doors


         • Constructed with wood boards that make up the outside of the door and sandwich 
           a honeycomb or gridwork core of wood material
         • Less expensive, lighter and easier to handle than a real wood door

The Home Depot does not apply paint, stain or varnish to doors. To maintain your door's warranty, you should seal and finish your door soon after it is installed. If you prefer, you can special-order interior doors that come already painted, stained or finished.

Interior Door Buying Guide: Types

Types of interior door
Standard interior doors - panel or flush doors - come in slab form or as a prehung door unit. An associate at The Home Depot store near you can answer your questions and help you choose between slab and prehung doors.
Slab door

Slab Doors


         • Good choice if only the door needs to be replaced
         • Framing not included
         • Old door is taken off its hinges, and the new one is hung in place
         • Hardware (doorknobs, handles and locks) sold separately

Prehung Door

Prehung Doors


         • Good choice if the door and framing must be replaced
         • Door comes already attached to hinges and to door framing
         • Existing door and framing are removed, and the prehung unit is installed
         • Hardware (doorknobs, handles and locks) sold separately

When you choose The Home Depot to install your interior doors, we'll make sure they fit perfectly. If necessary, we'll trim them so they open and close properly.

Interior Door Buying Guide: Accessories

Interiors Doors - Accessories
Complete your door's look by choosing doorknobs or handles from The Home Depot's vast selection. They are a perfect way to add your own personal touch because they come in such an extensive array of styles, materials and finishes. You can create an ornate, antique look or a modern look with ultra-clean lines. Select, too, from a wealth of finishes: polished chrome, nickel, antique brass, bright brass and more.


If privacy is not an issue, an interior door may not need a lock. However, bedroom and bathroom doors usually need privacy locks. These locks have a locking button on the knob that's inside the bedroom or bathroom. To prevent someone from being locked in the room, the locking button can easily be picked open with a tiny screwdriver or paper clip.

Interior Door Sizes

Stock slab and prehung doors (panel and flush doors) come in several standard sizes.
Height: 80"
Width: 24", 28", 30", 32" or 36"
Take your measurements to The Home Depot store near you, and an associate will help you choose the right door for your home