How to Make a Holiday Branch Tree

1-2 hours

Bring a taste of the outdoors inside with this DIY holiday decoration

Spruce up your holiday décor with a tabletop tree adorned in rich metallics. 

Download a PDF version of this Martha Stewart project here.


Paint the urn
Paint urn - Make Holiday Branch Tree

Using a foam brush, paint the urn with metallic glaze paint and let dry.

Paint the pinecones
Paint pinecones - Make Holiday Branch Tree

Paint pinecones with metallic glaze paint and let dry.

Prune the branches
Prune branches - Make Holiday Branch Tree

Prune a branch or set of branches to fit in the urn.

Tip: It may be necessary to bundle a few branches together with wire to create a fuller tree.

Create a “frog”
Create a “frog” - Make Holiday Branch Tree

• Create a “frog” by folding in the corners of a 12 x 12-inch piece of chicken wire.
• Roll the chicken wire into a loose ball.

Set frog in urn
Set frog urn - Make Holiday Branch Tree

• Set frog in the center of urn.
• Position the branches by inserting them into the frog.
• Pour sand around the branch stems to secure them.

Prepare wires
Prepare wires - Make Holiday Branch Tree

• Cut a piece of cardboard to measure 2 inches.
• Wrap 28-gauge wire around the cardboard about 25 times. With wire cutters, cut the wrapped wire off the cardboard at one edge.
• The result should be 25 4-inch pieces.
• Repeat to create additional ornament wires.

Wire the ornaments
Wire ornaments - Make Holiday Branch Tree

• Fold the wire about ¾ inches up from one end and thread through the hanging loop of an ornament.
• Twist wire to secure onto the ornament.
• Repeat for each ornament.

Decorate branches
Decorate branches - Make Holiday Branch Tree

Decorate branches with ornaments by wrapping ornament wires around branches.

Place pinecones
Place pinecones - Make Holiday Branch Tree

Place painted pinecones on top of the sand to finish off the decorative urn.