Moving Tips

Easy Ways to Create Curb Appeal

A few simple ideas can make a great first impression

Preparing for a Home Inspection

Get your home ready for an inspection with a few quick fixes

Packing and Loading Like a Pro

Our helpful moving and packing tips will ensure that your belongings arrive safely

Countdown to Moving Day

Make the most of your time and money leading up to moving day



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Air Conditioning

Estimate the cooling capacity you'll need to cool any room in your home.  

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Estimate the number of yards of carpet you'll need to cover any floor in your home.  

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Ceramic Tile

Calculate the number of ceramic and border tiles needed to cover any surface.

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Get fast answers on how much drywall you need for your next project.  

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Grass Seed

Tell us the size of your lawn, and we'll estimate the amount of grass seed you need.  

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Calculate how much insulation you need and the best R-Value for your home.  

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Accurately estimate the amount of paint you need to cover your walls and trim.  

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Determine the number of rolls you'll need to cover any or all of the walls in your room.