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How To Paint Jambs, Casings and Trim





Step 1: Complete painting prep work

 Conduct painting prep work

When painting the trim around exterior doors, you'll need access to the stops and the jambs, so wedge the door open as you work. If you have a storm door or a screen door, remove it so it won't get in the way.


Step 2: Paint the jamp and the stop

Paint the jamb and the stop

First, paint the jamb and the stop, starting at the top on the inside corner and working your way down the sides. Then paint the other side. Finally, paint across the top.


Step 3: Paint the casings and threshold

 Paint the casings and threshold

Paint the casings while the jambs are still wet. Mask the siding along the outside edges or, if you've got a steady hand, cut in with a trim brush. Paint the threshold after the jambs and the casings have dried.