Protecting Wood Trim from Paint

You can paint like a pro if you mask your work. Use pre-gummed masking paper or wide masking tape to protect anything you don't want splattered or painted over. Masking is a great way to paint adjacent surfaces, like where door or window trim of one color meets wallboard of another. Mask the trim, and you can paint the wallboard right up to the edge of the trim. Reverse the process, and you can paint the trim to within a whisker of the wallboard. When you're finished, carefully remove the tape and presto! A perfect paint job.






Step 1

Step 1: Cover the wood molding using pre-gummed paper

Use pre-gummed paper or wide masking tape to protect wood moldings from paint splatters. Leave the outside edge of the masking tape loose.


Step 2

Step 2: Use tip of a putty knife to apply tape

After applying the tape, run the tip of a putty knife along the inside edge of the tape to seal against seeping paint. You should remove the masking materials as soon as the paint is too dry to run.