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Painting a Door While Attached





Step 1

Step 1: Apply paint on front panel First, apply paint to the inside of the top panels. Smooth out the paint, working with the grain, doing the recessed areas first, then the faces of the panels.

Step 2

Step 2: Paint vertical center stile

If the door has a vertical center stile, paint this next, and then blend in the brush marks from the center stile when you paint the horizontal rails.


Step 3

Step 3: Paint the rails

Paint the rails (horizontal framing members), starting with the top rail and working your way to the bottom.


Step 4

Step 4: Paint the vertical stiles Paint the remaining vertical stiles, starting on the left. Feather the brush marks from the rails while they are still wet. Keep the line as straight as possible along the edge where the stiles meet the rails. Brush or roll the edges, but be careful not to get any runs on the face of the door.