Finishing Outside Corners

Outside corners often take quite a beating, so it is a good idea to reinforce them with a metal corner bead. This is nailed to the outside corner, and then joint compound is applied. Keep in mind that you should allow a day for drying for each coat of joint compound on corner joints. Pick a time to tackle this project when you won't mind having a wall "under construction" for a few days.




Step 1: Apply drywall to corners

Apply drywall to one side of the corner Apply drywall over one side of the corner then the other, using adhesive and screws.

Step 2: Measure and cut metal strip

Measure and cut the metal strip Measure the length of the corner, and cut the bead to length with a pair of tin snips. The metal is thin and easy to cut. Cut from one edge toward the bead in the center and then cut from the other edge toward the center.

Step 3: Nail the bead to the wall

Nail the bead to the wall Nail the bead to the wall. Drywall bead is nailed to the wall instead of screwed because the screws tend to bend the metal. Drive a 1½-inch drywall nail every 9-inches into the holes along the edge of the bead.

Step 4: Apply drywall compound to the bead

Apply drywall compound along the bead with knife Dip the knife in drywall compound and pick up about an inch of compound. Rest one edge of the knife against the wall and the other against the bead. Pull the knife along the bed to apply the compound. Repeat on the other side of the corner.

Step 5: Let the first coat dry overnight and apply second coat

Allow to dry overnight and apply second coat Let the first coast dry overnight and apply the second coat exactly the same way as the first, using a 10-inch knife.

Step 6: Apply third coat

Apply third coat using knife Using a 12-inch knife, apply the third coat like the second.