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With a few tweaks and clever additions, you can maximize your storage space and get your closets and garage completely organized. So if you’re looking for storage ideas or organization ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Our storage and organization guides are designed to give ideas and inspiration on how to turn clutter into a neatly organized space. All the storage and organization guides featured above will help you with this pursuit. 

Start with your closets. Reach-in closets are somewhat limited in space, so a system that features shelves, hooks, bins, cubes and baskets will turn chaos into order.

Walk-in closets offer more square footage, so many options abound. A shoe rack can save floor space, while bags, boxes, totes and baskets will keep your hats, belts, ties, scarves and other accessories organized.

Garages need a sturdy system of fortified wire or steel shelves and cabinets to keep your outdoor power equipment and tools protected and organized. Other options to consider include wall panels, peg boards and clear bins, so you can see where your tools, sporting goods and lawn and garden accessories are stored.

Lastly, consider a shed or other outdoor storage building to house and protect your lawn mower, chain saw, wheelbarrow and other equipment that tends to get dirty or runs on gasoline and oil.