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Newest Innovations Improve Washer Performance


Today’s washers are so advanced, they can almost run themselves. The most recent advances in wash performance, energy efficiency and water conservation make cleaning a lot easier in the laundry room. Families of all sizes can reap the benefits of the latest models, which include larger load capacity, steam cycles and anti-vibration technology. New models with programmable memory allow you to set the timer to start the washer any time of day; you don’t have to be home or awake during the washing cycle.

With all of the new innovations to explore before upgrading or purchasing a washer, take these points into consideration:
          • How many family members contribute to your laundry?
          • Who actually does the laundry in your home?
          • How often do you run your washer?
          • What types of clothing or fabrics do you wash?
          • How large are the loads you wash?
          • What special cycles or features do you need?
          • Would you like to conserve water and energy while doing laundry?


Washer Types, Features and Performance 

With the latest improvements, there are now four main types of washers: traditional top load washers, top load high-efficiency models without agitator, front load models and compact models.
Each has distinct advantages, but determining the best one for your family involves more than simply choosing based on style. If you have a large family and require heavy-duty laundering, a large efficient top loading or front loading washer may be best.
Smaller families may find a space-saving compact model the best choice. Energy Star-qualified washers help save water and energy and contribute to a better environment.
Traditional Top Load Models: Traditional top loading washers make loading and unloading easy with access to the drum from the top. A central agitator moves the clothes around the drum during the wash cycle, removing stains, dirt, odors and more. Selectable settings allow you to choose the appropriate water level. Normally, three temperature settings are available: hot/cold, warm/cold, cold/cold. Newer models offer a wider range of temperature settings.

Top Load High-Efficiency Models Without Agitator: High-efficiency top load models offer some of the latest technological advances available today. There are several options for how your clothes will move through the wash cycle; newer models use a series of different directional movements to get the clothes clean as opposed to the agitation of traditional models.


Infusor™ wash systems gently pull clothes through the water using up to a 540-degree reversing arc motion for a gentle and thorough clean.
Impeller washers feature a cylinder at the bottom of the drum that moves clothes through the wash cycle in a more delicate way and produces a clean laundry load without as much wear and tear as agitator models.
Higher speed spins of these new and improved models extract more water from clothing, reducing the amount of time your clothes will spend in the dryer and the amount of energy consumed. These washers require the use of high-efficiency (HE) detergents, which are ultra-concentrated and specially formulated to work with high-efficiency washing machines.
Front Loading Models: Typically, the newer front loading washers clean better and are more energy efficient than the best high-efficiency top load models. One of the most appealing advances that some front loading models offer is load monitoring: The washer determines the amount of water for the load based upon the weight of the clothes. The washer partially fills with water and cleans by lifting the clothes up to the top of the tub and dropping them back down into the water. Large loads are easily cleaned with high-efficiency detergent. The spin cycle reduces drying time by extracting moisture much better than traditional models and anti-vibration technology reduces vibration and maintains quiet performance.

A popular feature of many front loading models is the steam setting, which cleans tough stains better and quickly refreshes fabrics. The tub cleaning setting keeps the washer fresh and clean in between washes. Families with small children or pets may especially benefit from the power and performance of steam cleaning. Touchpad controls offer convenient start time delay and memory settings. Additionally, many models include an automatic door lock that keeps children away from potentially dangerous moving parts. Many units can be used with a laundry pedestal, which raises your washer to a more comfortable height for loading and unloading. A large storage drawer is included to hold and hide laundry supplies.
Compact Models: For those who have space concerns, compact models fit the bill, affording everyone the convenience of washing clothes at home. Stackable models can fit into spaces the size of a small closet and other compact models are great for apartments and condominiums, or one- and two-person households. Top loading and front loading compact models are also options in tight spaces. Several manufacturers offer “all in one” washer and dryer units that combine washing and drying functions in one appliance.