Solid Surface Edge Treatments

Roundover countertop edge

Basic: Roundover

A standard treatment edge with no extra charge. It offers a smooth finish without any added cost.

Large ogee countertop edge

Premium: Large Ogee

A larger "S" shaped curve which gives more exposure to the stone's fine details.

Sandwich with 1/4

Custom: Roundover Sandwich with 1/4" Top & Bottom

An opulent edge that allows for maximum dramatic effect and a very pronounced profile.

Bevel countertop edge


A 45-degree cut which can be deepend to expose more stone.

Top and bottom bevel countertop edge

Double Bevel 1/4” Top & Bottom

An extra 45-degree cut is added for a more dramatic effect.

Double roundover edge

Double Roundover 1/4” Top & Bottom

A step up from the standard Roundover with a second curved edge underneath.


3/4" Roundover

A smooth, fully rounded edge with a flat bottom finish.

Bullnose countertop edge


A smooth, fully rounded edge that provides a classic look.

Bullnose sandwich countertop edge

Bullnose Sandwich

A cross-section of material is added to the center to give more visual interest.

Large Roman ogee countertop edge

Large Roman Ogee

A more dramatic take on the standard Ogee that provides an extra flair.