The Top 5 Overlooked Moving Tips

1. Be Safe. Know Your Limits:
Be cautious when using utility knives and attempting to lift heavy objects. Employ the use of a furniture dollies and hand trucks for heavier boxes and keep floors, walkways and stairways clear of debris to help prevent accidents.

2. The Right Tools for the Job:
Keep important and delicate items safe with appropriate packing supplies such as heavy duty boxes, bubble and foam cushioning, glass packing kits, furniture covers and moving blankets.

3. Pack By Group:
    a. Clothing – Easy-to assembled wardrobe boxes make packing clothing quick and frustration free by allowing clothing to stay on hangers.
    b. Furniture – Utilize stretch film wrap to prevent furniture from being damaged or soiled during your move.
    c. Kitchen – Employ the use of heavy duty boxes and glass packing kits for delicate kitchen items and small appliances to prevent damage. When transporting food that may leak, line your box with a plastic trash bag in case of spillage.
    d. Electronics – Anti-static bubble cushion and foam not only protects large electronics from damage, it also provides static protection. There are special box systems specifically designed for the packing and storage of large screen televisions.

4. Pack the truck by box size:
Stack boxes from heaviest to lightest – keeping heavy duty boxes on the bottom with the smaller, lighter boxes stacked on top.

5. Plan for more than you think:
Determine how many supplies you’ll need with our easy-to-use moving calculator, and start packing as soon as possible to minimize the need for a frantic rush when the big day arrives.