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  • can this product be used in a standard spreader? Asked by diva on September 01, 2012
    7 Answers
  • How easy is it to use partial container (I only have a small lawn)? Asked by Etepr on April 06, 2012
    6 Answers
  • can this new spreader be used with the scott's four step program ? Asked by ace on March 08, 2012
    4 Answers
  • I purchased the Scotts snap system last year and now i cant seem to buy more products Asked by Sherri on March 03, 2017
    2 Answers
  • Can I use the crabgrass again in 6-8 weeks again or is this a once a year product? Asked by Jay on April 20, 2015
    2 Answers
  • Can I use this product in Florida and which store carries it. Asked by INQUIRE on April 24, 2014
    2 Answers
  • Can this product be used on St. Augustine grass? Asked by maryl on April 01, 2012
    2 Answers
  • is the preemergent dog safe? Asked by anonymous on March 30, 2012
    2 Answers
  • What is thesquare footasge that can be covered with the pre emergent you carry in stores ? Asked by chris on December 03, 2011
    2 Answers
  • Is this product safe to use near drip line of citrus trees? I have a tall fescue lawn growing un... Asked by Mike on February 09, 2017
    1 Answer