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Insulation Warranties

We provide a 10-year craftsmanship warranty to ensure insulation installation is done right, along with a lifetime product warranty on Owens Corning loose fill insulation. Both the service and the insulation is backed by The Home Depot.

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Insulation Installation Improves Energy Efficiency

The Home Depot offers a variety of energy efficient attic insulation options like loosefill blown-in insulation, spray radiant barrier and foil radiant barrier that can help make a big difference in your energy bills.

Attic Insulation Installation
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fast, efficient service.

The installers arrived on time and completed the job quickly and efficiently.

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Aiken, SC, USA
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Lead installer really knew his job.

Installers came on time, went right to work, and finished, cleaned up, and left. Couldn't have been much better.

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Arlington, VA, USA
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Great Installation

Everything went smoothly, from scheduling to actual installation. It was quick to blow in and minimally invasive to our lifestyle. The installation team was courteous and cleaned up when finished. My only little gripe is that I was told the retainer surrounding the access panel would be wood construction and it was insulation batting, though this may have its advantages. Overall, I'm super pleased with the installation and would really give it a 4 1/2 stars if I could. Thanks HD!

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Portland, OR, USA
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Professional and on time.

The rep who came out and quoted the job was very professional and thorough. The install crew did a great job on the install and cleaning up after themselves.

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Cumming, Ga.
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Satisfied with results of attic insulation.

Installation crew arrived on time. They laid down tarps so as not to make a mess.Beforehand a crew member made sure to properly vent the ceiling fan in the bathroom. Insulation was pumped from outside my home through a flexible tube into the attic. The whole process was done in a timely manner and the area was cleaned when it was finished. The warranty was explained to me before they left. I was able to inspect the area upon completion. Job well done.

Yes, I recommend this service Verified Install

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Chicago, IL, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common attic insulation questions

How important is it to properly insulate my house?

More than 90 percent of homes in America lack adequate attic insulation and wall insulation, which can increase monthly energy bills and reduce comfort. Adding house insulation with the right R-value can make a big difference.

What is the R-value?

R-value refers to the insulation's ability to resist heat flow and keep your home's temperature better controlled. As the R-value increases, the strength of the insulation also increases. Recommended R-values change based on where in the house you're adding insulation, if the area of your home has been previously insulated or not, and where you live. For example, an uninsulated attic in Alaska should have insulation installed with R-values 49-60, whereas an uninsulated attic in Hawaii only needs insulation with R-values 30-49 installed.

Does insulating the ceiling force more heat to leak out of the windows?

Adding insulation to one part of a house won't increase the "pressure" on heat losses through other parts, but poorly insulated areas will continue to be major sources of temperature fluctuation in a home.

Will stuffing thicker insulation into a smaller space increase its R-value?

Fiberglass insulation works like trapped air pockets. Compressing the insulation actually decreases the amount of air trapped and reduces its R-value and effectiveness.

Will fiberglass insulation promote mold growth?

Fiberglass doesn’t hold water very well unless it is soaked and it does not provide food for biological growth. Fiberglass becomes dirty when unclean air and dust flows through it, not because of mold.

Attic Insulation

More than 90 percent of homes in America lack adequate attic insulation and house insulation. But here’s the good news: according to the Department of Energy, a properly insulated attic can save you anywhere from 10 to 50 percent on your energy bill, so we’re not just blowing hot air. Adding house insulation with the right R-value also makes a big difference, be well worth the cost savings, and help you enjoy more comfort year round.

Ready to stop wasting energy but don’t know how to install insulation? Start by scheduling a FREE in-home consultation and let one of our local insulation experts answer all your questions about insulating an attic, the benefits of adding insulation, what R-value you need, and the differences between our loose fill, blown-in and radiant barrier insulation products. We’ll also explain how the installation process works and recommend a solution with a cost that fits your budget.

Our top-rated insulation products and services may also qualify you for the Energy Star® home sealing and insulation program. Your state energy office or local utility office may also offer product rebates, discounts and other financial incentives after you’ve added insulation to your house.

House Insulation
Insulating your home is a smart investment that can increase energy-efficiency, but did you know there are three different types of insulation we can install for you? The most energy-efficient approach may involve installing two of these insulation types! Loose fill, blown-in insulation can be installed by our trained, certified contractors and is the most basic level of attic insulation. Blown-in insulation does not absorb moisture, resists mold, and does not settle or deteriorate. Spray radiant barrier insulation is applied in a thin, even coat to the underside of your roof deck and gable ends. This type of insulation can reduce heat transfer by up to 81%, is a low-cost option for cutting radiant heat, and is environmentally friendly with minimal odor. Foil radiant barrier insulation reflects heat to reduce heat transfer from your roof down into your home. In the summer, this can reduce your attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees. During the winter months, the barrier reflects heat back into the home, saving energy. This type of insulation is the most efficient, lessening the burden on your heating and air conditioning unit.

The best insulation depends on where you live. Check with energystar.gov for more information on the R-Value that’s best for your home. Installation insulation is a fast, economical way to lower the cost of energy bills. If your existing house insulation is a lower R-Value, old, compressed, or non-existent, R-19 insulation provides a good baseline improvement. R-19 provides basic protection from outside heat loss and gain, and helps heating and air conditioning equipment maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. To increase your home’s energy efficiency, choose a higher R-Value insulation and add spray radiant barrier* insulation. This provides R-Values 30-38 and better prevents heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Because blown-in, loose fill insulation does not settle, it maintains the same energy and cost-saving level over time. R-Value 49-60 insulation provides the best protection for the most comfortable house and low energy bills. This level of insulation is especially effective when combined with a radiant barrier foil installed on the underside of your roof, in the attic. Along with R49 insulation and higher, the radiant barrier blocks heat and keeps your home cooler and more efficient.
* Where available

Insulation Contractors
The Home Depot’s local certified insulation professionals only install insulation that consistently earns high customer ratings, provide total, “end-to-end” project management, and do it all at a competitive cost. Insulation contractors can install quality attic and wall insulation, but our services also come with added protections. Loose fill and radiant barrier insulation installation comes with 10-year craftsmanship warranties, a lifetime warranty on Owens Corning loose fill insulation, and a backing by the world’s largest home improvement retailer. Ask your consultant for warranty details.

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FREE In-Home Consultation

More than 90% of American homes are under-insulated. Find out why you need proper insulation during a free in-home consultation covering:

• Benefits of loose fill/blown-in and radiant barrier

• Samples of actual products

• Insulation to fit your budget

Prior to your appointment, think about how long you plan to stay in your home, monthly energy costs, temperature consistency, your budget and questions about energy efficiency.

The Home Depot insulation products and installation process qualify for the ENERGY STAR® home sealing and insulation program.

See www.energystar.gov for more details