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Mitsubishi Electric
Ductless System

Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi ductless mini split heating & air conditioning systems are more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems and 40% more efficient than standard window air conditioners.

Licensed & Insured

The Home Depot’s ductless heating and air conditioner installation professionals are local, licensed, insured, and have undergone a thorough background-screening process before installing your mini split system.

Flexible Financing

We offer a wide range of flexible financing options including The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card issued by Citibank, N.A. and The Home Depot Project Loan issued by GreenSky, LLC, plus one competitive price on any Mitsubishi mini split installation.

Mini Split System with Optimum Control

Our service providers install Mitsubishi mini split air conditioners that provide comfort and energy efficiency to whole homes, add-on rooms, basements, garages and sunrooms.


Home Depot Service Provider Licensing and/or Registration Information

Home Depot local Service Providers are background checked, insured, licensed and/or registered. Any license or registration numbers held by or on behalf of Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. are available here or at the Special Services Desk in The Home Depot store. State specific licensing information includes: Alabama 03010, Alaska 25084, Arizona ROC252435 ROC092581, California 602331, Florida EC00001440 CGC1514813 CAC1813767 CFC1426021, Georgia EN216765 CT22120 LMP2977 ID 005190, Massachusetts 112785, Michigan 2101089942, Nevada 38686 OH 46992, Oklahoma 9190, Oregon 95843 RI 9480, Texas TECL24447 RAIC113 TACLA1574C TACLB14980C M-16451, Washington HOMED088RH, West Virginia WV036104

Why Choose Mitsubishi Ductless Systems?

Four benefits of a Mitsubishi mini split installation

Systems for All Climate Types

Whether your home is in a hot or cold climate, you can end the struggle of cost vs. comfort. Mitsubishi ductless systems uses only the exact amount of energy needed to maintain comfort, adjusts automatically to changing conditions and is very easy to maintain.

Energy Efficient

Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems use advanced technology to save you money. It is more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems, is 40% more efficient than standard window units for heating and cooling performance far superior to traditional heat pumps.

Comfort Control

Transforms one room, or as many as eight, into a comfortable living space regardless of available ducts or windows. Mitsubishi Electric mini split systems uses wireless thermostat capability to link your wall-mounted control with your PC, smartphone or tablet, delivers comfort & energy efficiency and ideal for areas requiring extra heating & cooling.

Advanced Technology

Our INVERTER-driven compressor maximizes efficiency by automatically changing its speed to match the cooling and heating needs of a room. I-see Sensor(TM) automatically detects ceiling & floor temperatures and makes necessary temperature changes. Unit doesn't start & stop repetitively, eliminating temperature variations & wasted energy

Installed Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems

Do you have special heating or cooling needs but want to avoid a major renovation? Would you like to set the temperature in a room with no ductwork or windows? Are you facing the task of finding a unit that will fit in a small area? If so, Mitsubishi Electric and The Home Depot have the perfect solution: mini-split heating and air conditioning.

Single-zone systems are great for regulating temperatures in one single room. They provide one-to-one control with the attached indoor unit. A Multi-zone system connects up to 8 indoor units. This flexibility allows you to better regulate the temperature settings in the rooms where you tend to spend the most time, while keeping other rooms on minimal settings to save money on utility bills.

No matter the size of the room you want to regulate, duct-free air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi Electric provide the flexibility and energy efficiency to get the job done. These compact air conditioning units fit almost anywhere and don't require a duct or window. Consisting of an indoor air handling unit and a slim-line outdoor condenser unit, they can be installed in tight spaces or recessed or suspended from the ceiling.

Providing the flexibility to meet most air conditioning or heating requirements, duct-free heating and air conditioners not only run quietly and efficiently but also increase the value of your home. Look to Mitsubishi Electric to provide trusted value and quality for any heating or cooling project. And if you're remodeling or renovating your home and want a professional to install a ductless air conditioning unit, turn to The Home Depot. We can provide reliable end-to-end service. Whatever your heating and cooling project requires, Mitsubishi Electric will deliver and help make every space feel like home.

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The Home Depot Credit Options

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers no annual fee, everyday special financing and exclusive Home Depot benefits.

There's also The Home Depot Project Loan. It offers affordable fixed monthly payments, a 6-month purchasing window and no prepayment penalty.

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Extended Service Agreement

Installation services are backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty, along with manufacturer guarantees. We also offer an Extended Service Agreement that protects your HVAC system up to 10 years. For more information about The Home Depot Extended Service Agreement, call 866-413-8201.