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Cuisinart Coffee Maker

As any coffee-lover knows, the coffee machine is as important as the beans for making that perfect cup of joe. Whether you prefer your coffee hot, iced or freshly ground, choose from a range of Cuisinart coffee makers to meet your coffee-making needs. 
Types of Coffee Makers 

Select from a variety of Cuisinart coffee makers based on the kind of coffee you like to drink as well as your preferred prep method. 

 Drip Coffee Makers. Drip coffee makers are great for the traditional coffee drinker who likes a simply brewed cup. To use a drip coffee maker, place ground coffee into a filter and fill the reservoir with water. Hot water pours over the grounds to brew the coffee in a matter of minutes. 

 Programmable Coffee Makers. Ideal for coffee lovers who want to wake to the smell of coffee at the same time every day, these coffee makers brew at a time you pre-set. Coffee is hot and ready when you are. Some programmable coffee makers even allow you select the brew strength. 
 Cold Brew Coffee Maker. To make smooth and concentrated iced coffee, cold brew coffee makers steep ground coffee in water for eight to 24 hours. 
 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker. When ground coffee is stored for too long, it can lose its punch. The solution: A grind and brew coffee maker that grinds beans right before they’re brewed. 
Capacity and Style 

As you shop for the perfect coffee machine, consider the number of coffee drinkers who will use it. For a larger household or small office, a 14- or 12-cup coffee maker is the best choice. If you have one or two coffee drinkers in your home, a single serve coffee brewer may do the trick. For the best of both worlds, Cuisinart offers a combo single-serve coffee brewer and 12-cup coffee maker in one. 
Also as you shop, think about the style of your kitchen. To fit a modern kitchen, choose a stainless steel coffee maker, or go with a black coffee maker if you have black appliances. 
Keep in mind that, if your coffee pot ever breaks, you may not need to buy a whole new machine. Just select a Cuisinart coffee pot replacement that fits your specific product.

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