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Coffee Pots

Whether you use it for two cups a day or you just bring it out for entertaining, a coffee pot is a staple countertop appliance. The type you choose can vary in terms quality, convenience and ease-of-use. It can also affect how your coffee tastes. 

Drip Coffee Makers 
Here’s what to consider when choosing a classic drip model. 

Carafe style. Heavy coffee drinkers should look for a model with a thermal carafe. These coffee machines can keep your coffee warm for hours without having to sit on a burner, which can scald the liquid. Glass pots are not insulated and must sit on a heated burner to keep the coffee warm, so they’re an ideal choice for those who need only one or two cups a day. Some coffee drinkers insist that a glass carafe results in a better-tasting cup of joe. 

Control features. The controls for a standard drip model can be as simple as an on/off switch. However, if you want more control over the brewing process, many models include brew strength control. Most can be programmed to begin brewing at set times. And some also feature self-cleaning functions. 

Color. If you’re a daily coffee drinker and your pot will sit on your counter every day, find a machine with the right finish to match the decor of your kitchen. The most common finishes are chrome, black and white. Choose a stainless-steel coffee maker to go with anything. 
Single-Cup Coffee Makers 

Single-serve coffee makers
have become increasingly popular, especially for busy people who want a quick cup to go. There is very little cleaning involved with a single cup machine. Just throw the used pod away, and you’re ready for the next cup. For added convenience, look for a model that comes with a travel mug.

Single-cup models aren’t ideal for hosting parties, though. Have a 12-cup coffee maker on hand if you have frequent gatherings in your home. 

Other styles, like a French press, allow the grounds to steep. European coffee enthusiasts argue that this kind of brew tastes best. No matter how you take your coffee, there’s a pot that’s perfect for you.

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