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Do you enjoy rich coffee flavor and aroma? Then it’s time to replace your drip coffee pot with a percolator. This coffee brewing machine has developed a solid fan base among coffee lovers a more robust coffee. Your average drip coffee maker may be popular because they are so convenient. But that’s changing! 

Percolator vs. Drip Coffee

Wondering how percolators work? They continuously circulate near-boiling water through the grounds, repeatedly. The longer you brew the coffee, the stronger it gets. It may take a little practice to brew coffee to your taste, but you’ll find it worth the effort. A manual percolator brews directly on the heat, whether it’s a burner or camp stove, and they are usually made of stainless steel or glass. Electric coffee percolators plug in to heat up. 

Select the Right Percolator

Stainless steel percolators are easy to clean. They keep your coffee hot and will last a long time. For a reliable coffee percolator with the highest customer rating, try this one by Faberware. And this Zojirushi stainless steel beverage dispenser is portable, stylish, and will keep your perked coffee hot. 

When you decide to go with a manual or an electric percolator to brew your coffee, you might never to go back to drip again.

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