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SodaStream Flavors

A SodaStream machine transforms tap water into refreshing sparkling water, juice drinks or soda. With SodaStream flavors, you can create just the taste you want. From a classic cola to sparkling juice, from flavored fizzy water to your own customized drinks, SodaStream can help you craft the beverage you crave.
SodaStream Syrups 

Making a beverage using a soda maker and SodaStream drink mix is quick and easy. Each bottle of SodaStream syrup can make dozens of servings, and you can adjust the fizziness and flavor level to suit your own preferences. SodaStream flavor options include the following: 

● Sparkling Juices. Try grape, berry or cran-raspberry options, or go with a tropical blend. SodaStream natural flavors are sweetened with natural sugars. They don’t contain high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame.
● Sodas. Soda flavoring helps you replicate the taste of classic colas and un-colas with fewer calories and preservatives than store-bought beverages. SodaStream soda mixes include Cola, Cream Soda, Dr. Pete, Orange and Mountain Mist. 

 Flavored Waters. SodaStream water flavors have a mild taste with less sugar than other flavors. These low-calorie options for flavored sparkling water are made without artificial flavors and preservatives. 

● Custom Drinks. Customize your own flavor with SodaStream mixes. Add a few drops of citrus syrup to your cola, or choose fruit flavors for a refreshing blend. 

Low-Calorie Choices 

SodaStream diet flavors offer the same great taste with zero calories. Try classic options like ginger ale, root beer, lemon-lime and cola. Skinnygirl sparkling drink mixes feature fun, fruity choices with only 40 calories per serving. Consult the SodaStream syrup list for a complete guide to flavor selection. You can order new and limited-edition bottles that work with any SodaStream soda maker.

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