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Chemex Coffee Makers

A fresh, hot cup of coffee is likely the first thing you that crosses your lips each day, so you want it to taste its best. Chemex coffee makers use the pour-over method for brewing robust, flavorful cups of coffee. This simple, unique coffee pot brings delicious brews and high style to your morning. 

How Chemex Coffee Makers Work 

Chemex coffee makers are a type of pour-over coffee maker. They require no electricity and function differently from a traditional drip coffee maker. Instead, they use a carafe made of handblown glass and special paper filters to brew coffee.

Start your brew by grinding beans with a coffee grinder. Place a Chemex filter in the mouth of the carafe and add in the grounds. Then, slowly pour hot water over the grounds and let it seep through completely. (Use an electric kettle to quickly boil the water and to a precise temperature.) The result of the slowly-seeping grounds is coffee that is mild but flavorful.

In the summer months, use your Chemex as an iced coffee maker. Fill the carafe with ice cubes, then pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Once full, let it sit for four minutes before pouring over more ice to enjoy.

Sizes and Styles 

A Chemex coffee pot’s elegant glass silhouette is an ultra-chic addition to your kitchen. It can even double as a decorative accent. Leave it out on your counter to add a stylish touch. It will be at the ready when you want to brew a cup.

A pour-over coffee maker is best for brewing small quantities. To make single-serving brews, opt for a small 3-cup pot, which brews 16 ounces. For the avid coffee drinker or large family, opt for an 8-cup Chemex coffee brewer. For large dinner parties and entertaining, choose a large coffee maker instead. Some coffee pot drip models serve up to 13 cups.

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