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Popcorn Makers

Bring the taste of the movie theater home with your very own popcorn maker. Enjoy fresh popcorn anytime, whether you use a simple countertop popcorn machine or a vintage-style popcorn cart. They’re perfect for a movie night with friends or for adding some extra fun to a birthday party. 
Types of Popcorn Makers 

Each type of popper can serve up gourmet-tasting treats. Consider the volume you want to serve when choosing one. 
• Stovetop Popcorn Makers. These small appliances don’t have their own heat source. They use your stovetop to heat each batch of popcorn. They’re lightweight and a great value for small servings.
• Electric Popcorn Poppers. Ideal for personal home use, these units can sit right on your countertop. They have their own heat source, so you can just plug them in for a salty snack in minutes. Make around 20 cups for a movie night at home. Some come in fun sports or retro designs.
• Popcorn Stands or Carts. These larger machines on wheels are a good choice for special events, fundraisers and parties. Many have storage compartments, so you can keep kernels, salt and butter on hand. They can serve up to 40 cups per batch.
• Movie Theater Popcorn Machines. To impress a crowd at a party, choose the authentic look of an old-fashioned popcorn maker. Options include small replica models and professional-grade machines that can produce almost 300 servings an hour. 

Flavor is a big factor when choosing between an oil- or air-popped popcorn cooker. An oil popcorn maker uses heated oil to pop the kernels, resulting in a richer taste. An air popcorn maker pops the kernels using warm steam, so it’s lighter and lower in calories. 

Accessories and Supplies 

Whichever model you choose, be sure to stock up on a few key popcorn supplies to get started. For an oil-based model, have coconut oil or peanut oil on hand. Keep ingredients like popcorn salt, butter sauce and kernels in your pantry so you can whip up a batch whenever you want. For an authentic movie experience, serve it up in theatre-style popcorn boxes.

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