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Shower Bench

Whether you have limited mobility or you simply want to add comfort to your morning routine, a shower bench or chair is an easy way to improve your experience.

Step Up Your Shower’s Style

The warm, natural look of a wood shower chair, stool, or bench transforms your shower into a sauna. To achieve the same spa-like feeling while saving space, a wall-mounted corner bench or folding seat is attractive and convenient. Style a teak shower stool with a fluffy white towel, sea sponge and eucalyptus branches to add a fresh look. You can also put it outside your tub for an easy-access, highly water-resistant place to set books and candles while you kick back for a bath.

Set Up a Safety Shower

Budget-friendly plastic shower seats provide stability and plenty of other benefits for anyone who has difficulty bathing. These include removable arm and back rests that are reversible to fit any bathroom layout. Commode features let you customize the perfect shower seat for your space. With a transfer bench, you can sit outside of the tub, then safely maneuver into it without help. Bathtub chairs that slide or rotate allow you to properly position yourself in the shower.

Wash away your worries and browse our wide variety of bath chairs, teak shower benches and non-slip stools to enhance your bathroom.

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