Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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Eliminate mold, mildew, & air pollutants in any room.

Bath Fans by Room Size

Buyers Tip: Choose a fan that can move at least 1 CFM per square foot of room. For example, for a 50-79 sq. ft. bathroom, select a fan with a 50 to 80 CFM rating.

Small Room Bath Fans

Perfect for a modest sized bath or powder room.

Medium Room Bath Fans

CFM-rated for ventilating larger spaces like a nursery or laundry room.

Large Room Bath Fans

Maximum air ventilation capacity for a home theater, rec room, or master bath.

Must-Have Bath Fan Features

Easy To Install Bath Fans

Roomside Installation

No attic access needed. Faster and easier installation that can be done from roomside - similar  to a ceiling fan installation.

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"No Cut" Easy Installation

Designed for easy retrofit into existing pre-cut opening from roomside. Can replace most compact bath fans. 

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Bath Fans Buying Guide

Here's all the advice you'll need to choose the right bath fan size and type for your home. 

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 Bath Fans from Top Brands

Bath Fans & Ventilation Fans for Any Space

It’s important to keep stale and humid air out of the most essential rooms in our homes. That’s why The Home Depot carries a variety of bathroom exhaust fans to fit all of your needs. When shopping for a ventilation fan you should consider the room size, sound level and light options. You can also shop for fans with features such as heaters, timers and specific decor styles.

To get started consider the size of the space you need ventilated. Once you know that you need a ventilation fan that will cover a small, medium or large range of square feet, you should determine the sound level, fan style and features you’d like to have. Remember that larger spaces will need more powerful ventilation to help filter out humid air, mold, mildew, dust, odors and chemicals from the room.

Whether you prefer a decorative fan, a bath fan with a heater or one with motion and humidity sensing technology, we have the selection to ensure you find the ventilation fan you’re looking for. With our bath fan installation guides and HVAC installation services you can be sure that your fan is installed properly the first time.

These days bathroom fans can be effective in multiple rooms, so talk to our associates if you have any questions about installing a fan in your laundry room, nursery or home gym to prevent high humidity and mold and ensure your rooms are well-ventilated.


The NuTone 70 CFM White Exhaust Fan with The NuTone 70 CFM White Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater offers moisture prevention in bathrooms up to 60 sq. ft. Conveniently offering ventilation and lighting the permanently lubricated removable motor operates at 3.5 sones. The unit requires two 250-Watt R40 infrared bulbs (not included) with the fan and its ...  More + Product Details Close
The NuTone Deluxe 100 CFM Bath Fan with The NuTone Deluxe 100 CFM Bath Fan with Light features a motor that is permanently lubricated surrounded by steel housing and designed for plug-in use to provide reliable operation. The fan uses one 100-Watt bulb and one 7-Watt bulb for primary and night-time lighting (sold separately). The motor operates at ...  More + Product Details Close
NuTone 605RP Heat-A-Vent exhaust fans make it even NuTone 605RP Heat-A-Vent exhaust fans make it even easier to build in warmth and comfort. With easy installation in mind simply use the included hanger bars which are adjustable from 16 in. to 24 in. Use the built-in junction box with receptacles to simply plug in heater and fan motors. ...  More + Product Details Close
Enjoy softer more diffused lighting in your bathroom Enjoy softer more diffused lighting in your bathroom with the NuTone InVent Series 791LEDNTM ventilation fan. This innovative bathroom exhaust fan features a unique grille with full-perimeter LED lights for more widespread light throughout the room preventing LED hot spots. It's low-profile design blends in seamlessly with most decor styles ...  More + Product Details Close