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Used for personal cleansing. Some toilets come with a bidet feature.

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Chair height toilets sit 17" - 19" tall, approx. 2" to 3" inches higher than standard. These taller toilets are ADA compliant.

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Elongated bowls provide greater comfort. Round bowls require less room.

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How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank

Your toilet tank might be leaking if water continues to run after your flush

How to Install a Toilet

Learn how to quickly install a toilet or remove an old one

About Toilets

You’d be surprised at the variety of toilets available. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Choose from toilets designed for comfort, cleanliness and efficiency. We carry a wide range of toilets that are reliable and durable.

Consider Your Comfort
You can even get a smart toilet with remote-control flush, heated seat, automatic flush function and bidet toilet combo. If that seems a bit much, there’s always the classic standard one- and two-piece toilets. Either way, you can count on our toilets fit your needs. We carry the brands you want: Toto toilets and Kohler toilets, plus more brands you trust.

Get the Right Size and Shape
Not all toilets are one-size-fits all. You’ll have to decide on the “rough-in” size. That’s the distance between the wall and the drain. Comfort height toilet bowls are two or three inches higher than usual, up to 19 inches high. The height makes getting off and on easier. The height also makes them ADA compliant toilets.

So Many Toilets, How Do I Choose?
Check our Toilet Buying Guide for some guidance on getting the right one for your bathroom. Make sure to buy a toilet seat when you buy a toilet. We don’t want you to get home with a toilet bowl, and not have a seat!

Consider a Wall Hung Toilet if You're Short on Space
The water tank is concealed behind the wall between studs, while the toilet height is adjustable at installation, allowing each individual owner to size to their needs.

Get Your Toilet Project Done
Once you decide on the right toilet bowl, we can deliver it fast. Or, you can pick it up for free in two hours, online orders filled fast at any store. We can install it for you, or we can show you how to install a toilet yourself.


Part of the coordinated Cadet collection this model’s Part of the coordinated Cadet collection this model’s smarter design delivers higher performance and fewer clogs - all at a great price. Its EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria mold and mildew so it stays cleaner longer. The Speed Connect tank-to-bowl coupling system speeds up installation. ...  More + Product Details Close
This innovative dual-flush High Efficiency Toilet meets EPA This innovative dual-flush High Efficiency Toilet meets EPA WaterSense criteria and lets you choose a full 1.6 gal. flush or partial 1.0 gal. flush using 37.5 percent less water. Either way the PowerWash rim cleans the bowl well. An elongated bowl provides greater comfort. And its EverClean surface stays cleaner ...  More + Product Details Close
Securely cover the rear tank of your H2Option Securely cover the rear tank of your H2Option toilet with the American Standard H2Option toilet tank cover in White. This cover is made of vitreous china for a glossy sheen. Once you confirm that this tank cover will work with your toilet you can install it easily and with confidence. ...  More + Product Details Close
Replacement tank cover. Available in many finishes to Replacement tank cover. Available in many finishes to match your existing decor. It has a 1-year limited warranty.  More + Product Details Close