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Luminara Candles

Flameless candles have all the character of a warm, inviting candle without the dripping wax. Choose flameless Luminara candles as a safe and convenient way to set your rooms aglow. 

Features of Luminara Candles 

Luminara candles are battery-operated and use an LED light source to mimic the look of a real flickering flame. These electric candles have many benefits: 

 Safe. Luminara flameless candles don’t produce heat, so they’re safe to use in any room. They’re ideal for homes with small children or curious pets. You can also use them in many settings where wax versions aren’t allowed. 

 Convenient. Many come with remote controls, so you can light them from afar. Luminara also has flameless candles with a timer that shut off after several hours to save energy. 
 Authentic. High-quality flameless candles flicker and radiate just like real candles. Luminara even makes scented options like vanilla candles. Use them at your next gathering and see if your guests can tell the difference. 

 Long-lasting. LED candles use very little power and have a lifespan of about 4,000 hours. They last much longer than wax options, which means less waste, and the battery-operated candles are also recyclable. 
Sizes to Consider 

Luminara taper candles are tall and thin—perfect for a dining room table. Luminara pillar candles are thicker and work as a decorative accent in any room. Use them in an empty fireplace, on a bookshelf or on a buffet table, or nestle a few within some greenery for a simple centerpiece. You can also purchase smaller votive models that provide all the beauty of a votive candle but with long-lasting value.

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