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Moe’s Home Collection

The right wall art transforms a room into a welcoming space. Add a touch of fine art to your walls with Moe’s Home Collection of textured canvas wall art. The affordable hand-painted designs enhance any room of the home with rich texture and vibrant color.

How to Choose Art from Moe’s Home Collection 

Moe’s Home Collection wall art brings landscapes and abstracts to life on large hand-painted canvas. Choose styles that work best for each room in your home: 

● Living Room Wall Art. This central gathering place deserves an eye-catching work of art. Choose a piece that highlights at least two of the other colors in the room’s decor. Try the sweeping black and gold piece like for a dramatic effect, or bring nature in with an abstract, snow-themed painting. Large-scale paintings in the collection make for bold focal points in a liv-ing space.
● Bedroom Wall Art. Your choice of bedroom wall art should exude rest and relaxation. For a room filled with dark wood furniture works choose a piece with serene blues and teals.
● Dining Room Wall Art. Still-life paintings and landscapes fit perfectly in a traditional dining room, while abstracts complement contemporary decor. Place large pieces over buffet tables or sideboards for the perfect dinnertime conversation piece.

Framed vs. Frameless Wall Art 

You’ll find some styles in collection that measure up to 60 inches wide, with others close to 70 inches in height. Those large-scale pieces of Moe’s Home Collection art come in both framed and frameless op-tions. Moe’s Collection framed art gives definition and structure to the wall, while on-trend frameless art provides a seamless modern look. Either option is lightweight and easy to hang, with all mounting hardware included.

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