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Image for Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors

A versatile option for high-traffic entrances. Its durability & weather-resistance make it a low-maintenance choice.

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Image for Steel Doors

Steel Doors

Ideal for homes with severe weather or security concerns. Budget friendly, low-maintenance and weather-resistant.

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Image for Wood Doors

Wood Doors

Warm and inviting. Heavy and dent resistant. Requires regular maintenance, including repainting to preserve the look.

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Image for Exterior Door Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Exterior Door Buying Guide

Learn the difference between fiberglass versus wood doors, steel and iron options, plus review standard door sizes.

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Image for How to Install an Exterior Door

Project Guide

How to Install an Exterior Door

Learn how to measure, prepare for, and install an exterior door to update one of the key features of your home’s look.

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Image for How to Install a Door Lock

Project Guide

How to Install a Door Lock

Increase the curb appeal of your home and improve its security. Learn how to install a door lock in about an hour.

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Image for Traditional Doors

Traditional Doors

Withstand the test of time with a classic door, borrowing from the beauty of past eras with a tried and true elegance.

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Image for Modern Doors

Modern Doors

Incorporates the principle that form follows function. Offers innovative construction technologies and clean lines.

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Image for Craftsman Doors

Craftsman Doors

Uses rectangular windows and panels to establish depth. Stylish glass inserts and dentil shelves for simple function.

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Image for Front Door Finder

Buying Guide

Front Door Finder

Find the perfect entry to your home. Select your preferences, and we'll make a recommendation.

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Image for Door Installation Services

Home Services

Door Installation Services

Let us provide professional in-home measurements, help select the best door and install, in an average of 4-10 weeks.

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Image for Door Installation Cost Guide

Home Services

Door Installation Cost Guide

We can help you budget by breaking down costs for exterior door installation or interior door replacement.

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Image for Lefthand Inswing

Lefthand Inswing

As viewed from the exterior of the home, a lefthand inswing has the hinges on the left and swing into the home.

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Image for Righthand Inswing

Righthand Inswing

As viewed from the exterior of the home, a righthand inswing has hinges on the right and swings into the home.

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Image for Front Door Ideas

Inspiration Guide

Front Door Ideas

From front doors with glass, craftsman doors, iron doors or any other style, we can help you visualize your options.

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Image for How to Install a Storm Door

Project Guide

How to Install a Storm Door

Storm doors protect your exterior door from weather. We can walk you through the basic steps of installing a storm door.

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Image for Types of Door Knobs

Buying Guide

Types of Door Knobs

Door knobs come in different styles and finishes. This guide explains the types of door knobs, levers and handlesets.

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About Exterior Doors

The Home Depot has the perfect exterior door to complement the style of your home. From entry doors, screen doors, storm doors and pet doors, to patio doors, security doors and cellar doors, you’ll find what you need right here.

Front Door Options

Keep your home stylish and beautiful with decorative front doors. If door security is a priority, you and your family will feel safe and sound with a quality entry door. Material makes a difference when deciding on an entryway door. Choose from fiberglass, wood, iron and steel. Fiberglass doors can be painted any color or finish in faux-wood and are great for high traffic areas. Built to last, iron doors can be fancy or classic in design. We also carry a large selection of modern front doors, steel doors, farmhouse front doors, wood doors and commercial doors.

Patio Doors: French Doors & Sliding Doors

Step outside in style with our wide selection of patio doors, including elegant French doors and sliding glass doors. Patio doors are typically two side-by-side doors that open out onto your patio or deck. Patio doors can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room by improving air circulation and providing an inviting path to patios and outdoor decks. Patio doors are available as French doors, center-hinged doors that swing open to one side from center hinges or sliding glass doors. If you like sunshine in your home, our French doors provide lots of natural light. French doors feature classic elegant lines and typically consist of one or more panels. The French door panels usually consist of glass and are built so that at least one of the panels can swing in or out.

Storm Doors to Keep the Bad Weather Away

If you want extra protection from bad weather, consider adding a storm door. Not only do storm doors help insulate your home and provide an extra measure of security, a storm door’s glass panel of protection helps to prolong the life of your door’s outer surface. Storm doors are available with full-view models with a large pane of glass, or with screens to provide ventilation in warm weather.

Pet Doors & More

Let your dog or cat be independent with a dog door or cat door. If you don’t want to open the door every time your pet wants to go outside, think about installing a pet door. Worried about stray cats or other unwanted animals coming into your home? An electronic pet door is a good solution. Magnetic doors stay securely shut, while a magnet on your pet’s collar allows the flap to open when your furry loved one gets close to the door.

How-to Guides

When it’s time to install your exterior door, we can show you how or do it for you. Whether you're installing an entry door, a storm door, a pet door, a sliding door or just need some front door ideas, we've got you covered.