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Belt Drive
Garage Door Openers

Quick, quiet movement. Low maintenance. Great for garages near bedrooms.

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Screw Drive
Garage Door Openers

Fast, powerful action. Minimal maintenance. Best choice for heavy or oversized doors.

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Chain Drive
Garage Door Openers

Budget-friendly. Reliable.
Perfect for standard, steel garage doors.

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Genie® MachForce™ Screw Drive Products

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Garage Doors

In a few easy steps
Create Your Own
Garage Door

Customize every detail: door size, style, design, insulation, color, windows and hardware. You’ll get a unique garage door made just for your home.

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A New Garage Door 
Makes a Big Impact

When you replace your garage door, think of it as an opportunity to change the look of your home. Frosted glass or raised panels - you have options.

Ready-to-Ship Garage Doors

When you need just a garage door, choose from a selection of popular sizes and colors.   

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Ready-to-Ship Garage Doors

All About Garage Doors

Make an informed decision on which garage door is right for you. Learn about the purchasing process as well the key factors you’ll need to consider when purchasing a new garage door, including style, size and construction.

Garage Door Buying Guide

Invest in a New Garage Door & Garage Door Opener

Make the smart investment on a new residential garage door and garage door opener. A stylish and secure garage door not only enhances your curb appeal, it can help keep you safe and boost the value of your home.

Did I Shut the Garage Door?
You'll never ask yourself that question again. Just look at your phone to know for sure. Most smart garage door openers will tell you if it's open or shut. They'll send a message every time your garage door is opened or closed too, if you like. Electric garage door openers provide a huge amount of convenience and safety. Imagine you're in a hurry, it's raining out, you pull out of the garage then press the button on your garage door opener remote. The garage door closes, and you didn't have to get out of your car.

Ready-to-Hang or Custom Built?
Replace your old garage door and give your home a new look. Make it a custom garage door down to the tiny details. It's easy, fun and you can put together as many as you like before you get the perfect style for your home. Try our online customized garage door selector tool, and you'll have the garage door of your dreams on its way to you in no time. Standard, yet dependable wood-look steel doors, grooved-panel steel doors and classic raised panel steel doors are some of your options. Boost your style with barn garage doors for a unique, old-time yet modern look. Choose from hundreds of garage styles including traditional, carriage house and contemporary. If you spend time in the garage, let some light in, get a garage door with windows. The garage doesn't have to be just for cars, use the space however you need it - a play room for the kids, a workshop for hobbies, a studio. Let fresh air in but keep the bugs out with a garage door screen.

Maintain Your Garage Door Opener
Remember, not all garage door springs are alike. They are not one size fits all. If yours breaks, make a note of the brand and color code on the spring you need to replace. We'll get you the garage door opener parts you need, from seal kits to torsion and extension spring kits. Save money by replacing garage door hardware instead of replacing the whole unit.

Let Us Install It
Get a premium garage door opener installation at an affordable price. The Home Depot’s garage installers are local, licensed and insured.