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Saloon Doors

Saloon doors – or café doors – are a unique and functional way to spice up your décor. Consider the benefits of incorporating saloon doors into your home and whether you should choose doors with a paint or stain finish.

Benefits of Saloon Doors

Saloon doors help to visually define a space. These interior swinging doors provide an amusing, whimsical flair to kitchens, dining areas, bars and living rooms. To add a personal touch to your saloon doors, use a stencil to make your own embellishments, then use a rotary tool to engrave your design into the wood.

Saloon doors come in a variety of styles. For a classic, western appearance, saloon doors with a spindle-top design and natural wood finish are ideal. Louvered café doors stray from the rustic look and provide additional texture to your space while also admitting light and ventilation. They also help you maintain privacy. Café doors with tempered glass panels are an option if you want to give your room a modern feel.

Saloon doors are easy to install, especially compared to other interior doors such as barn doors, sliding doors and accordion doors. Café doors are typically situated 18 to 24 inches from the floor to the bottom of the door. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended way to install your interior swinging doors.

Painting and Staining Saloon Doors

Many café doors come unfinished, allowing you to match or complement your décor with the perfect paint or stain.

Paint: If you want to bring a splash of color and charm to your space, a simple paint finish can do the trick. Compared to stain, paint offers a wide variety of colors and sheens. Primer is usually required. Keep in mind that paint film can chip and peel.

Stain: Use stain to give your café doors a warm, classic appearance. When you apply stain, it will soak into the surface, emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood grain. If the surface is extra absorbent, you may need to use an extra coat of stain.

Whether you’re looking to bring a rustic spark to your kitchen or infuse an element of fun to your game room, saloon doors make the perfect choice to satisfy your needs. For more information, see our How to Buy Interior Doors guide. For installation help, contact our Services Department.

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