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Garage Doors

Add instant curb appeal and increase the value of your home with the right garage door. Whether you are looking for garage door replacements or garage door parts to customize your existing door, you'll have a host of styles and options to consider. 

Garage Door Styles

Classic garage doors are usually made from steel and offer plenty of opportunities for customization. Garage door panels can be raised or long depending on your preference. You can also add windows to incorporate more flair and allow natural light to radiate throughout your garage.

Carriage-style garage doors bring a rustic and distinguished touch to your driveway with their swing-out style. They can be built from an assortment of materials including steel, faux wood and real wood.

Wood garage doors offer a clean, natural look for your home but require more maintenance to preserve their finish. If you like the idea of wood garage doors but want easier upkeep, opt for faux wood garage doors instead.

Reduce your monthly energy bill with insulated garage doors. They feature an insulated core made of polystyrene that’s surrounded by a steel cover. This can help you maintain the temperature inside your home no matter if it’s extremely hot or cold outdoors. Insulated garage doors are also known for their quiet operation. Be sure to look at the insulation rating – or R-value – when considering garage doors. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.

Garage Door Tips

Before selecting your new garage doors, be sure to measure your garage opening. Generally, 8 x7 garage doors are standard for one-car garages, while 16x7 garage doors are typical for two-car garages.

For garage doors with windows, try to match the glass style of your house windows to provide a more consistent look. It’s also recommended that you install insulated windows if your garage is heated or air conditioned. If you opt for an uninsulated garage door, make sure it’s made of thick steel – specifically 24-gauge. Thicker steel will help prevent dents.

Installation Options

There many factors to take into account when choosing a garage door. Think about the designs that will complement your home the best, as well as durability and maintenance of the material. It’s also important to decide whether you want an insulated garage door to help lower your energy costs.

Another consideration is installation. Garage doors can be installed differently depending on the spring system you use. Installing your garage door can be a DIY project, or you can consult professionals. Learn more about our garage door installation services here.

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