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Upgrade to a New Modern Doorbell

Welcome visitors by installing a new doorbell. You’ll find plenty of options to upgrade your entryway, including doorbell camera kits, wireless and Wi-Fi systems. 

Options for Easy Installation 

It’s easier than you may think to replace or upgrade an existing system. For the ultimate in convenience, look for a model that offers both wired and wireless installation, like options from Hampton Bay

Check out this video to learn how you can replace a wired button and chime with a newer model using the existing wiring. If you want two-way audio, choose one that includes a home intercom system. 

To go wireless, you’ll need a doorbell button and wireless sound unit that are compatible. Install them wherever you want and you’re in business immediately—no wiring required. Carlon makes several models just for this application. 

Modern Security Features 

If security is a concern for you, a doorbell camera is the way to go. Today’s video options let you hear and see your visitors before opening the door. These are typically activated by motion control, so you know as soon as someone reaches your door. 

A smart doorbell will alert you when someone is at the door—even if you’re not home. It also lets you speak to the visitor over your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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