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HDTV Antenna

You don’t have to pay for an expensive cable service or streaming subscription to enjoy your favorite TV shows. Simply add an HDTV antenna to your television to receive free high-definition broadcast signals. 

Indoor Convenience 

An indoor digital antenna with an amplifier can pull in signals from 60-miles away or more, and many of them are small enough to fit discreetly in any room. These are a good option if you don’t have an ideal place to mount a television antenna outside.
For the easiest set up, look for an omnidirectional or 360-degree model, this type doesn’t need any manual adjustment. You can hang it, stand it up or lay it flat to get the job done. 

Outdoor Performance 

If you’ve taken the time to mount your TV to the wall and you don’t want to add an indoor antenna to the set-up, an outdoor HDTV antenna can be a good choice. Also, this style is preferable if you live in an area where television signals are weaker. A good roof antenna can pick up HD signals being broadcast up to 100 miles away. 

If your mounting location is on the side of your house, you’ll want to look for a compact outdoor TV antenna. Its design makes it easy to mount in a variety of locations and many blend right in to your home’s exterior. They also work well in the attic and can deliver a signal to multiple HDTVs. 

No matter which HD antenna you choose, your TV viewing will be improved. And best of all, you can cut the cord and costly subscription fees.

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