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Upgrade your home theater experience with help from our DIY project and buying guides.

Electronics to Connect Your Home & Family

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, our lives and homes are becoming more connected than ever. The right combination of a TV, speakers and Wi-Fi connection will make life a little easier while helping keep you plugged in and entertained from day-to-day.

For Your Viewing Pleasure 

Start with a few small additions like TV mounts, AV connectors, cables and more to improve your home entertainment experience within budget. Upgrade your viewing experience with a television mount, HD antenna and a universal remote. We have everything you need to enjoy all your favorite channels and streaming services.

Connect Everywhere with the Right Supplies 

Make sure your home has a network that’s fast, secure and dependable with help from the right routers, switches and cables. This equipment will keep your entertainment systems and mobile devices connected throughout your home.

Wood floors, metal doors and brick or concrete walls throughout your home can come between you and your router. These dead Wi-Fi spots in your home can trigger signal inconsistency as you move around with various devices. Consider installing a Wi-Fi extender or build out a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system, a single wireless network that shares the same SSID and password, to help improve these weak signals for a complete connection.

As your devices need stronger bandwidth, we offer cat 5 cables that will enhance your computer network performance and carry other signals like telephone and video, accordingly. The newest Arris docsis 3.1 modem is designed to keep your technology moving fast. With multiple products in your home connected, the bandwidth and security demands will increase. Be sure to have the proper programs installed for the safety of your digital information.

Hear, See and Feel Your Home Theater

Unique entertainment products like surround sound systems, sound bars, turntables and projectors can help make daily household routines sound – and look – extraordinary. When on-the-go, Portable Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds, offer more ways for you to enjoy your favorite tunes, movies and television on a quality level. 
Turn to our selection of trusted brands – JBL, Sonos, Commercial Electric to take home entertainment to another level.

You Can Do This, We Can Help

Ready to cut the cord? Our wide range of TV and video accessories, speakers and networking capabilities at The Home Depot will help you say goodbye to your cable box once and for all.

And for the finishing touch, our Pro Referral service offers a simple, worry-free way for TV mounting.