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Perfect Positioning with a TV Wall Mount

Forget searching for the perfect piece of furniture to house your TV. A TV wall mount lets you securely position your screen to the wall, providing the best viewing angles for any room. Using a wall mount can instantly make a room feel neater, as a typical low-profile TV mount allows the screen to rest just off the wall. 

Get the Best View 

Consider your specific viewing needs when shopping for a TV holder. If you plan to hang your TV in a higher location, a tilting TV wall mount allows you to position the screen slightly downward for optimal viewing. If you want flexibility, a swivel mount allows you to pivot the screen from side to side to achieve the best angle. 

With a full-motion mount, you can extend the screen away from the wall and pan it left and right. This is ideal for a larger room with more than one viewing area. Level Mount offers several different fixed, pan-and-tilt and full-motion options. 

Mount It Yourself 

TV wall mount installation is an intermediate-level job that most people can undertake in two to four hours. While most of the work can be completed alone, you may need another person to help attach the screen to the brackets.

Pay attention to the height of your wall-mount TV stand-the screen should be eye level when you’re seated. Lastly, think about how you want to conceal any cables, either with a simple cover or by using an in-wall cable-management option.

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