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Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras – also known as spy cameras or nanny cameras – are useful tools when it comes to surveillance in your home or at your office. Discover the most common uses and available features for hidden cameras.

Uses for Hidden Cameras

Some of the most popular applications for using hidden spy cameras include:

• Monitoring your children’s nanny or babysitter when you’re not around.
• Keeping an eye on your elderly loved one’s caretaker while you’re at work or running errands.
• Keeping tabs on your teenager while you’re at work or away on vacation.
• Checking if an employee or roommate is stealing money or valuable items from you.
• Using them as a component of your home security system.

Considerations for Hidden Cameras

Spy pen or Spy watch: When shopping for a spy camera, think about the type of disguise that would be most suitable for your needs. To observe your nanny or babysitter, place a wall clock or fake power outlet with a built-in hidden camera in your children’s playroom or any area of your home where the kids frequent. At work, set up a hidden camera tower fan in your office, or position a USB flash drive with a covert camera on your desk. When you need surveillance on the go, consider a spy pen, spy watch.

Storage: Video storage is another factor to keep in mind. Wi-Fi spy cameras allow you to view and record surveillance footage in real-time directly on your smartphone. If you don’t need to instantaneously check your video footage or don’t have access to a Wi-Fi signal, most spy cameras accept SD memory cards to locally store your footage. Just take the SD card out of your camera once you’re done recording and insert it into your computer to review, edit or save your video.

Motion Detection: Check if your hidden camera offers motion detection recording. With this feature, your camera will only record video when it senses movement. This not only saves a ton of memory on your SD card, but it also saves you time from having to scroll through hours of insignificant footage when you need it for evidence of a crime or misdemeanor.

Resolution: Make sure your camera offers 1080p video resolution or higher. Due to their tiny size, spy cameras usually don’t offer optical zoom, only digital zoom. So if you’re filming something afar and need to zoom in, it’s imperative the picture quality is as clear as possible.

Whether you’re using hidden cameras at home, in the workplace or when you’re out and about, there are several options that can satisfy your surveillance needs.

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