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New Tiles Change Any Space

Stylish and practical, the right tile can set the tone for any room in the house and improve the value of your home, too. Both floor and wall tile can take a lot of wear and tear and make your life easier in terms of upkeep.

Ceramic Tile vs Porcelain Tile

The floor of any room that gets a lot of foot traffic will get dirty more quickly and wear away with use. Choose a tile that can handle it. Porcelain and ceramic are both great choices floors, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, but are often mistaken for the same material. Both made from clay, porcelain tile is higher density and is fired at a higher temperature. Though very similar in durability, porcelain tiles absorb less water, and therefore slightly more waterproof. Ceramic tiles come in more colors and sizes than porcelain, Also, consider your safety, get a floor tile that won’t be too slick, even when wet.

Wall Tiles Transform Any Space

Create a focal point or feature wall in any room with wall tiles arranged in interesting patterns or color. Think kitchen backsplash, basement walls, bathroom shower, or accent walls. Glass wall tiles will add unique detail, color and charm to your walls. They can be paired with other tiles or stand alone. Add tile mural to your home to really make a statement. You can create an underwater seascape in your bathroom or a scene from the countryside. Shining metal tiles in shades of stainless steel or copper will make a huge impact. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen backsplash tiles are also suitable for water wear and are easy to clean. Tip: Avoid using all wall tiles on floors, but floor tiles on walls are okay. As beautiful and stylish as wall tiles look, they are often lighter and thinner than floor tiles and are not designed for foot traffic.

Boost Curb Appeal

Improve the exterior of your home, while increasing its value with a path made of outdoor tiles. Extend your living space to the patio or a focal point in the garden with decorative outdoor tiles, particularly cement tile. It’ll boost your curb appeal. Many outdoor tile options are slip-resistant providing safe surfaces around your home.

Tile Materials & Looks

Natural stone tile includes all the tile made from different types of quarried stone, such as marble tile, slate tile, and travertine tile. Travertine tile has a one-of-kind nature-made limestone look, with the staying power of stone. It gives an earthy, natural feel. Cement tile, is a strong material that can withstand heat and water. You can polish marble tile to a shiny luster for years. Or go with the popular backsplash of subway tile behind the kitchen sink and stove, for a convenient clean, yet modern look. If you love the look of wood but need the convenience of tiles, try wood-look tiles - porcelain and ceramic tile that looks like wood. It works great as bathroom floor tile as well as kitchen floor tile. Glass tile will brighten a room with its reflective surface, opening up your bathroom or kitchen space. Glass tile will brighten a room with its reflective surface, opening up your bathroom or kitchen space. Fireplace tile can be made of various materials, including cement or limestone, but most importantly, it must withstand very high temperatures that won’t change its appearance or structure.

Anchor your room with the bold power of black tile – it's dark floor foundation can be classic yet cutting edge. Like black tile, white tile gives great contrast, especially if you try a darker grout. It will also brighten up your space. Neutral colors and simple mosaic tiles arranged with a thoughtful and creative touch will leave you with a style that endures. A popular choice for bathrooms tile, mosaic tile flooring can evoke a distinct feeling of ambiance and elegance. Popular floor tile patterns like herringbone and chevron can stand the test of time.

We can help you get your tile project finished, from start to finish. From tile tools and supplies, whether you do it yourself or we install it for you, we’re here to make your tile projects happen.