Fasteners for every project. If you need it, we have it, even the hard-to-find ones.

fasteners for every project

If you need it, we have it, even the hard-to-find ones

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Make sure your screws stay firmly in place with the right anchor. Masonry anchors can hold as much weight as the wall they’re attached to can bear. Hollow wall anchor loads depend on the type of wall and how thick it is.

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So many uses from small projects to big jobs - heavy construction jobs, roofing work, or to hang picture frames. They may all look similar, there are many different nail types, each designed for a specific job.

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Has several uses but is commonly used to keep a bolt and nut from coming loose. Also helps protect the surface of materials and provides a larger load bearing surface.

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Ensure you have the right nut by checking to see if it matches the screw or bolt you are using. Use them to cover fasteners, to keep bolts secure, easy on and easy off fastening, and more.

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The main difference between a screw and bolt is that most screws fasten on their own, but a bolt needs a nut to be secure.

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Great for light-duty fastening like decorative hanging projects.

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From doing something as simple as hanging artwork to tackling more complicated jobs like building or renovating a deck, we have a wide selection of fasteners hardware.

Just Need One Screw?
Whether you’re a pro buying fasteners in bulk or a DIYer who just needs one nail, bolt or screw, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Home Depot. Not a fastener expert? Take a photo of your washer or anchor and find it online or walk to the exact spot in the store. You can also download The Home Depot app and use the item finder tool to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Beyond Bolts and Nuts
Nails and screws are among the most common fasteners, but sometimes you need something more specific, like a hook and eye to replace a garment fastener. Or the right tie down strap to safely secure your boat, vehicle or furniture. 

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When it comes to fasteners, we have what you need. We can help you finish your basement floors with concrete screws, find the right brad nails for your carpentry job and show you the best nuts and bolts hardware for your project.


This Plastic Conical Anchor Kit with Screw is This Plastic Conical Anchor Kit with Screw is designed for light-duty applications. This kit includes a plastic # 10-12 x 1 in. anchor a zinc-plated finish screw and a 1/4 in. drill bit. Boasting a durable steel construction each piece was zinc-plated for extra toughness.  More + Product Details Close
The # 10-12 x 1 in. Plastic Conical The # 10-12 x 1 in. Plastic Conical Anchor Kit with Screw (201-Pack) is designed for light duty applications. It includes a 100 #10-12 x 1 in. plastic anchor 100 #10 x 1 in. zinc-plated finish screw and one 1/4 in. drill bit. This kit includes everything you need for ...  More + Product Details Close
An eye bolt is a bolt with a An eye bolt is a bolt with a formed circular eye at the non-threaded end. The screw end has a machine screw thread with a blunt end. Great for light-duty applications it is made with steel for strength and is designed to attach rope or cables to surfaces. They are ...  More + Product Details Close
DuoPower is a one-product solution for quick and DuoPower is a one-product solution for quick and easy fastening in a variety of applications and base materials. Ideal for hanging electrical fixtures drapery supports kitchen and bathroom accessories pictures mirrors and more. Holds up to 30 lbs.  More + Product Details Close