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Small Christmas Trees

Small Christmas trees are the simplest way to spread holiday cheer in every room of your home or office. Before deciding on a small Christmas tree, you’ll want to consider the shape, where you’re going to put it and whether you want a pre-lit or unlit tree.

Considerations for Small Christmas Trees

Location: When it comes to placing mini Christmas trees around your home, the possibilities are nearly endless. Add some flair to your living room side tables, or use a tabletop Christmas tree as the centerpiece for your dining room table. Small Christmas trees work particularly well in pairs. A matching pair brings harmony to a display and helps accent the surrounding area. Try placing two small Christmas trees on both ends of your fireplace mantel, or frame your front door with a pair of 3-foot potted Christmas trees. Make sure your trees are designed for outdoor use before setting them on a porch or patio.

Shape: A tree’s shape should not only suit your living space, but also your design tastes. Regular – or full – Christmas trees are ideal if you’re going for a traditional look and have some space to spare. Choose a slim Christmas tree if you have limited space or want to achieve a modern aesthetic. Sparse Christmas trees are another option. Their barren branches lend a minimalist, rustic touch to your home.

Lights: Small Christmas trees are offered in pre-lit and unlit versions. A small pre-lit Christmas tree is easy and convenient to set up, while an unlit tree gives you a chance to express your creativity. Whether you opt for a pre-lit or unlit tree, consider the two types of lights available: incandescent and LED. Incandescent lights emit a warm glow and are a budget-friendly option, but they can heat up after an extended time. LED lights offer a soft glow and are more energy-efficient, longer lasting and cool to the touch.

Other Tips

• When decorating small Christmas trees, hang about 10 ornaments per 1 foot of tree to give a proportionate appearance.

• Look for options with a light timer that automatically turns your tree lights on and off to help conserve energy.

• If you desire a tree that appears more realistic, check the tip count. Small Christmas trees with a higher tip count tend to look fuller and more authentic.

Whether you live in a tiny space or want to infuse a festive look in another area besides your living room, small Christmas trees can satisfy your needs. Check out our How to Decorate a Christmas Tree guide for design inspiration.

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