Pot and Pan Racks Enhance Your Kitchen

Add stylish utility to any kitchen with a pot and pan rack in gleaming copper, bronze, stainless steel or even graphite. Whether you want a hanging pot rack to serve as the centerpiece of your food preparation area or a wall-mounted rack to neatly store your cookware, there are a wide range of pot and pan storage choices that can also serve as a striking focal point for your kitchen decor.

Place Your Rack Where You Need It

A ceiling pot rack can serve as the ideal complement to your kitchen island, allowing you to keep your pots and pans out of the way and on display at the same time. Consider a wall pot rack if you want an extra shelf or two for keeping your most-used spices and utensils within reach as well.

Freestanding kitchen racks are another popular option for hanging pots and pans, as they can be placed almost anywhere to give you easy access to your cookware without digging through cabinets. Some are topped with utility surfaces like butcher block cutting boards as well.

Create a Focal Point

Beyond their exceptional convenience, pot hangers allow you to add a design accent to your kitchen. If stainless steel doesn't pack the punch you’re looking for, try oil-rubbed bronze, wood or solid paint colors.

If you have something unique in mind, you can even pick out your own pot hooks, materials and hardware to easily build a custom pot rack like this one in our how-to guide.

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