Bathroom Lighting

Bathed In Light


Highly complementary lighting and
fixtures for your bathroom

Vanity Lighting

Perfect for your daily beauty regimen with just the right amount of radiance.

Wall Sconces

Ideal lighting for personal grooming and subtle ambiance.


Make a splash with elegant bath lighting.


Dress up your bath with lighting that makes a statement.

Ceiling Lights

Versatile task, ambient or accent lights and fixtures with a touch of style.

Recessed Lights

Sleek, unobtrusive illumination ideal for for general room lighting.

What to
Consider for
Your Bathroom

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Use damp rated recessed lighting in showers to avoid rust and yellowing.

Vanity Lighting

Optimal placement for side vanity lights is 65” from the floor.

LED lights save energy

LED lighting saves energy, is cool to touch, and provides even light distribution.

A good bath lighting scheme incorporates just the right balance of task and ambient light for all your morning and evening rituals. Shop our large assortment of bathroom lighting fixtures and find the perfect mix of elegance and practicality for your bathroom.