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Ceiling Fans for Any Room Size

Whether you're looking to add a ceiling fan to a great room, a small play room or your kitchen, we've got just the size to fit your space

Ceiling Fans for Small Rooms

• Small bedrooms and other spaces
• 100 sq. ft. or smaller
• Less than 48 in. fan blade span

Ceiling Fans for Large Rooms

• Average-sized living rooms and other areas
• Up to 400 sq. ft.
• 48 – 56 in. fan blade span

Ceiling Fans for Great Rooms

• Great rooms and rooms with high ceilings
• 400 sq. ft. or larger
• Greater than 56 in. fan blade span

Ceiling Fan Mount Types

Different types of ceilings require different mounting hardware. Make sure you’ve got the right type of mount and hardware for your ceiling.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Great in small bedrooms, family rooms and the home office

Downrod Ceiling Fans

Versatile enough for any space in your home

Angled Ceiling Fans

Perfect for vaulted or lofted ceilings

Ceiling Fans to Keep You Comfortable Year Round

Ceiling fans can do more than just upgrade a room or complement your decor. Ceiling fans can also increase your comfort by warming or cooling any space, and help you save money on your energy bill. Whether you have a room with an older, noisy model or a newly remodeled area that needs just the right finishing touch, The Home Depot has just the ceiling fan for you.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan
Add an instant upgrade to your home's look and improve air circulation by installing a ceiling fan. We offer a huge selection of ceiling fans, including indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights, ceiling fans without lights and LED ceiling fans. You can also choose your size, from small ceiling fans to large ceiling fans. We have beautiful ceiling fans in a variety of styles to cater to virtually any taste. Get the sleek lines of a modern ceiling fan to fit your decor or show off your style with brushed nickel ceiling fans or low profile ceiling fans. We also have rustic ceiling fans to go along with your nature vibe. For commercial spaces, industrial ceiling fans make your work areas more bearable in the intense summer heat. 
Ceiling fans with remotes give you complete control over the ceiling fan blades and lights from afar. If you just need a ceiling fan remote by itself, we have those as well. If you need more ceiling fan accessories, check out our ceiling fan light kits, ceiling fan light covers and our ceiling fan blades and switches.

Get Your Ceiling Fan Installed or Repaired
We can show you step-by-step how to install, balance, or repair your ceiling fan. Whether you're adding a ceiling fan in a new location or upgrading your existing ceiling fan, the job involves working with your home's wiring. The Home Depot offers Pro Referral ceiling fan installation and ceiling fan repair services if you're unsure about taking on the project by yourself. A licensed electrician can handle the job safely and will be sure to verify the power supply, switch, and supports are appropriate for your new ceiling fan.