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A chandelier can uplift the style and dynamics of any room. They’re not just for formal sitting rooms anymore. Think foyers, over stairways, in the kitchen, put a mini chandelier in a kid's bedroom. Or, a pink chandelier. It’ll look adorable. These days, the classic dining room chandelier has a lot of company. You can even put the bling of a crystal chandelier in your bathroom if you like. Your style sets the rules. Get a modern chandelier to match your home decor, or go with a rustic chandelier to create a natural aesthetic. The neutral color of wooden chandeliers easily matches with many different color schemes. A bedroom chandelier will brighten up your relaxation space, but imagine turning the chandelier light down with a dimmer switch. You'll be lulled to sleep in no time. 

A chandelier is like a piece of jewelry you can illuminate and elevate any space. Make it interesting. Add an orb chandelier for a touch of geometric design, a sphere in shape, your light fixture hanging in the space between art and light. Picture delicate shells dangling from a circular frame as if they are ready for a balmy breeze, you’ll get the feeling of the tropics in a capiz chandelier. Or, the beach with a coastal chandelier. Unique and eye-catching, get the authentic look of a natural antler chandelier or a farmhouse chandelier. Or, bring the starry sky to your home with a sputnik chandelier. Inspire your loft space with a hanging industrial chandelier, it'll go great with exposed bricks and high ceilings. Great over dining room tables, kitchen islands and pool tables, use the shape of a rectangular chandelier to shine light on your activities.

You have so many colors to choose from. Try a white chandelier to brighten up your space. Or, a pink chandelier to add a splash of color. Or a gold chandelier for an elegant look.Try to get the right size chandelier to fit your space. A miniature chandelier works great in small rooms, like a bathroom or entryway. You can inspire the feeling of a certain time period, too. From antique chandeliers to contemporary chandeliers, mid century to transitional. If you like the idea of clean lines, white space and minimal design, look at linear chandeliers. Choose a material that works with your decor. Consider a wrought iron chandelier for a metal look with interesting texture.

We've got more than 10,000 light fixtures for you to choose from, so sort through your options and to get what’s best for you. Use our chandelier buying guide to help you decide. For a quick and easy chandelier solution, try a plug-in chandelier. You don't need tools or rewiring or remodeling. Just plug it in. Easy. LED chandeliers save you the trouble of replacing bulbs, they’ll last a long time.