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Attractive and easy to care for, cacti and succulent arrangements have taken root as popular home decor and garden accents. If your home needs a little green boost without much bother, try succulents. 

Tips for Success 

It doesn’t take long to learn how to take care of succulents. Succulents store moisture in their fleshy leaves, roots or stems, which makes them some of the easiest plants to tend to. They need weekly watering during their spring- to -all growing season, then every two weeks to a month in their rest season. Just make sure you’ve got great drainage since most succulent plants, and cactus plants especially, don’t like “wet feet.” 

DIY Decor 
Succulents that drape, like donkey tail or string of pearls, look beautiful pouring over a basket. Save floor space with an hanging plant. For a stunning centerpiece, arrange individual mini succulents in wine glasses with a layer of pebbles under the soil. Then scatter tea lights and votive candles around for illumination. 
Enhance your home with our selection of cacti in brilliant neon hues, vibrant green aloe, flowering succulents and more. Want to create your own unique garden? Click here for DIY planter hints from the experts.

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