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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Weed Killer

Kills the weeds, not the grass. Prevents weeds from growing.

Lawn Insect &
Pest Control

Protects lawns by preventing pest and insect damage

Grass &
Weed Killer

Clears weeds and unwanted grass at the roots

Lawn Care

Get a lush, green, organic lawn with chemical-free soil strong enough to control pests naturally   

How to
Grow Grass Like a Pro   

Discover the grass type right for your region and know when to seed your lawn

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Sun, Shade & Region Matters

Lawn Care Tips  



Water your lawn longer and less often, the grass roots will grow deeper into the soil

Lawn Watering Tips & Techniques



The type of grass you have determines the fertilizer you need. If you’re not sure, take a sample to one of our Garden Centers.

How To Feed Your Lawn



Overseed cool season grasses by late summer or early fall, late spring or early summer for warm season grasses  

How To Overseed Your Lawn

Hoses & Sprinklers

Start Your Lawn Care Project Today

A healthy green lawn can be yours. Grass seed or sod, either way, be prepared to take care of it. We can help. Proper lawncare takes bit more effort than just lawn mowing. You need to water, fertilize, seed and regularly aerate your lawn. 

With the right plan, the right grass seeds for your region, appropriate lawn fertilizer and a dependable lawn mower, your grass will be healthy and thriving in no time. The two main types of turf grass are warm season grass and cool season grass. Pick the grass seed that matches the climate and your yard’s sun exposure. If your prefer to grow grass without the help of chemicals, we offer organic lawn care solutions. You have options. 

We take pride in your success. That’s why we have our Garden Center experts put together tips and guidance to support projects related to your big landscape ideas or everyday lawn care. You can also join the world’s largest garden club, The Home Depot Garden Club for project ideas and exclusive garden fresh offers.


Alaska by Pennington 3 lb. Vegetable and Tomato Alaska by Pennington 3 lb. Vegetable and Tomato Dry Fertilizer provides the benefits of fish kelp and other natural ingredients in a low-odor formula that is easy to use and requires no mixing. This unique 4-6-6 plant food contains primary nutrients and calcium for bountiful and flavorful vegetables and fruits. ...  More + Product Details Close
Arizona’s Best All Purpose Fertilizer has an N Arizona’s Best All Purpose Fertilizer has an N P and K ratio of 16-8-8 and contains essential nutrients including iron and sulfur making it great to use on lawns trees shrubs flowers and vegetable gardens. Quick greening properties and long-lasting formula made specially for Southwestern alkaline soils.  More + Product Details Close
The Chapin Bag Seeder is great for small The Chapin Bag Seeder is great for small areas or hard to reach places where a push spreader or tow-behind can't go. Featuring a heavy-duty waterproof zipper-top bag the Bag Seeder is compatible with a variety of seeds and granular fertilizers. A rear baffle keeps seeds from filling your shoes ...  More + Product Details Close
The Chapin Chest-Mounted Spreader is comfortable to wear The Chapin Chest-Mounted Spreader is comfortable to wear and easy to use. Designed with a wide-mouth opening so its easy to fill without spilling it features an enclosed hopper that keeps the product dry and holds up to 680 cu. in. of seed fertilizer and more. Set the gate adjustment ...  More + Product Details Close