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Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns can greatly brighten up porches, patios and balconies, making them usable even after the sun goes down. Even in outdoor areas without electricity, garden torches and outdoor candleholders can brighten up a dark space, making it warm and inviting.

Lanterns for Any Time of Day

Outdoor candle lanterns aren’t just beautiful in the evening hours. During the day, they can be a stylish addition to an exterior dining table or seating area, giving some color and shine to your decor. Metal options withstand the weather and are safe with open flames, while ceramic lanterns come in many designs and patterns. Wood lanterns have a traditional and rustic look, while TIKI torches can turn any backyard into a tropical-style oasis.

Consider Size and Space

When choosing which outdoor lantern lights will work best for you, consider not only the material and the design, but also the size. Large lanterns work well in open spaces and on oversized tables, while tall lanterns are good to use directly on the ground, since their height allows the light to shine farther. Hanging options like paper string lights look lovely in covered areas, like under pergolas and patios.

Ready to glow? Explore the many outdoor lighting options from brands like Lumabase and the Stonebriar Collection.

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