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Decor & Finishing Touches for Your Yard

Whether you’re looking to take on some spring upgrades or are looking to create a cozy space with a fire pit, The Home Depot has all the outdoor decor items you’ll need to make your backyard, deck or porch the place that everyone will want to hang out. 

Bring all the Birds to the Yard 

If you’re looking to entertain and feed some feathered friends, bird houses, hummingbird feeders as well as bird baths are a great way to attract birds. Why should you attract birds to your yard? Check out: Five Reasons to Attract Birds to Your Outdoor Space

Create a Focal Feature 

If you’re looking to give your outdoor space a specific focal piece or just something with some visual interest, consider using water fountains, garden statues, gazing balls, sundials or garden gnomes. We’ve got a large selection of beautiful yard decorations and lawn ornaments in decor styles like farmhouse, modern, classic and more to fit just the look you’re after. 

Decor with a Function 

If you’re looking to create a backyard with environmental purpose, look into purchasing items like rain barrels and composters. You can also pick up a few planters and plant flowers that specifically attract or repel insects. For a look at attracting insects, here are 7 Flowers that Attract Pollinators. To repel insects like mosquitos, look into planting citronella and marigolds or purchase citronella candles

It’s the Little Things 

Be sure and put the finishing touches on your backyard oasis with a flag pole to show off your favorite sports team or organization. For something with a little more whimsy, our selection of wind chimes, rain chains and string lights will help you bring just the feeling of relaxation to your outdoor space. 

Once you’ve got everything in place, don’t forget to kick off your shoes and enjoy a refreshing drink in your newly decorated outdoor space.

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