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About Pond Supplies & Water Gardens

Take your backyard up a notch by adding a unique water feature to your yard. Create your very own tranquil oasis with water gardens and pond supplies from The Home Depot. Whether you’re looking for a garden pond, backyard pond or water gardens with waterfalls, we can help you every step of the way.

Get the Pond Supplies You Need
From pond liners and pond pumps to fountain heads, pond filters and pond lights, The Home Depot has all of the pond supplies you need to get started.

Install beautiful water fountains or a pond to create a relaxing space that you will never want to leave. When it comes to water gardens, choose from a large selection of container fountains and pond kits and build the perfect feature for you and your family.

Add life to your new water feature with a variety of gorgeous water plants that will thrive in your newest outdoor addition. Pond supplies like landscape rocks and mulch will also enhance the beauty of your backyard pond. We carry a variety of pond spitters to compliment your backyard pond as well. Some of the pond spitter shapes include turtles, frogs and birds.

Water gardening is a fulfilling activity that requires special guidelines and accessories. The Home Depot has everything you need to maintain the health and look of any water feature. From fountain pumps to pond heaters, you can find it all here.

We Can Show You How
Water gardens aren’t as hard to build as you think. Make sure to choose an area that gets a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day, especially if you plan to include plants that require moderate to heavy sunlight. Double-check with your local pet store if you plan to add fish to your pond.

If you’re still unsure about building your pond by yourself, check out our How to Build a Backyard Pond guide. We can walk you through the process.