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Sprinkler Systems & Supplies

Sprinkler Systems

Designed for watering larger areas and feature multiple sprinklers for custom watering needs in different zones.

Irrigation Timers

Automate watering for hose bibs to underground sprinkler systems. Some units can be fully controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi device.

Fittings & Accessories

Everything you need to connect irrigation systems, supply pipes, lawn sprinklers, garden drip systems and more.

Top Selling Watering & Irrigation Products

Grow Smarter With The Right Watering & Irrigation Supplies 

Warm weather brings with it lush lawns and gorgeous gardens, but it also means staying on top of keeping them healthy and hydrated. Be sure to properly care for your outdoor oasis by developing and maintaining a watering and irrigation system that will protect your yard even during the dog days of summer.

Visit The Home Depot to pick up all of the above ground watering and irrigation supplies that you'll need this season. We make your lawn care easy by offering a wide selection of products for your convenience. Create a customized plant watering system that best fits your yard. Pick up a sprinkler hose and choose from a variety of nozzles and wands.

You can also find hose timers and misting systems to ensure that your lawn is watered consistently and on a timely basis.  You can also find an extensive selection of irrigation and drip irrigation systems and supplies at The Home Depot. We carry the basics like PVC irrigation pipe and drainage pipes and accessories, as well as products to make your irrigation process easier such as Wi-Fi and remote control irrigation timers. You can also visit homedepot.com for information about how to properly buy and install drip irrigation and for helpful general watering tips. You can also find educational tools to help you design a sprinkler system that works best for your unique yard.