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No matter what time of the year, it’s always a good time to grill. Whether you’re grilling for one on the deck or looking for tailgating grills, ceramic grills or flat top grills with griddle, we’ve got you covered. Shop our selection of charcoal grills, portable grills, smokers, gas grills, turkey deep fryers, propane grills, pellet grills, electric grills and reverse flow grills. We even have outdoor pizza ovens if you’re a pizza lover.  

Types of Grills 

Charcoal grills are most common because they’re affordable and reliable. These come in various sizes, from very large competition-style barbecue grills to small, portable grills, camping grills and patio grills. Best of all, charcoal grills give food that smoky flavor we love.

Whether you’re camping out, tailgating or simply entertaining in your backyard, charcoal grills offer an easy way to serve up chargrilled flavor. Heat distribution is designed for a hot, direct zone on the grill surface for browning and searing, as well as a cooler, indirect zone where food can cook more slowly by convection airflow. 

Propane grills are ideal for someone who grills often. Many have a push-button start. So, you’ll be grilling in no time and the cleanup is easy. Propane grills allow you to control the heat easier. Also, 20 lb. propane tanks provide about 25 hours of grilling time. Propane tanks can be easily refilled. 


You never have to worry about running out of fuel with natural gas grills. The lines are permanent, just like the fuel lines for your stove.

Electric grills are a great choice if you live in an apartment or condo where gas or charcoal grilling is not allowed. Requiring nothing more than a nearby electrical outlet, electric grills are typically the smallest grill sizes and include portable grills and tabletop models. Marinades or liquid smoke can make up for the absence of cooking flavors provided by grills that use other fuels. 

Wood pellet grills are popular because they basically give you the best qualities of both charcoal grills and gas grills. Wood pellet grills cook like convection ovens. Most models include a hopper that dispenses pellets into the grill as needed. This allows for precise, digital temperature control and even cooking. Plus, the food takes on the distinct wood-smoked flavor of the wood pellets. 

Speaking of that smoky flavor, smokers are ideal for it. Just think “low and slow.” Like the name implies, smokers cook meats over indirect heat with smoke. You can choose a charcoal smoker, electric smoker or wood smoker. We also have BBQ smokers, water smokers, vertical smokers and gas smokers. Either way, the results are delicious.

How to Clean Your Grill

The best times to clean your barbecue grills are right before or right after you cook—when the grill is nice and hot. After you’ve preheated the grill, scrub the grill grates with a good grill brush to remove any leftover food particles. Use a long-handled brush, to avoid the risk of burns. After you’ve cleaned the grate, spray it with cooking spray or you can dip a paper towel in oil and wipe over the grill grates. That will keep your food from sticking. Check out our grilling tips guide for more how-to videos and everything you need to know to grill like a pro.

Before You Get Started

Before you fire up the grill, make sure you have all the tools and accessories you need. Your grill sets should include a long-handled fork, grill tongs, grill brush, meat thermometer, spatula and a basting brush. Protect your grill from the elements with a good grill cover. Don’t forget about the wood smoking chips. We also carry side burners, grill grates and grilling pellets.

The next time you’re ready to serve up some delicious barbecue, stop by The Home Depot and take a look at our barbecue grills and BBQ smokers. We have everything you need to make your backyard barbecue or tailgate a success. Shop our trusted brands of barbecue grills and BBQ smokers, plus our large selection of turkey fryers, outdoor pizza ovens, island grills and more.